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Ever thought of being just a click away from your friends anytime, anywhere in the world?

From connecting with your family and friends, to sharing photos, videos, opinions, links, news, and everything you are looking for: Facebook is the digital platform that will keep you updated. 

Since its launching, Facebook remains the main social network that connects most of the digital users in the world. This platform began as a social network for college students and has evolved to include people of all ages and nationalities.

It offers personal profiles, pages and groups, allowing users to share updates, photos, and videos while staying connected with friends and family.

Thanks to the easy access, download, and use, this app has revolutionized the way we stay connected to the world.

Let's explore together how this app works

Depending on your profile type, you will find different functions when navigating within the app.

 Here you can find further information about its main features:

  • Your status: here you will share your thoughts, videos, photos, and other content for your friends and followers to see.
  • Interaction and reactions: Both you and your friends and followers will be able to interact with other users' posts by clicking on “like”, or other emotions that you can express through emoticons by clicking, commenting or sharing posts that will appear on your home profile.
  • Stories: as in other social networks, on Facebook you will be able to publish stories with photos, videos, or messages that will last 24 hours.
  • Games: Facebook is also entertainment since it has a great variety of games that you can enjoy alone with friends or with your groups.
  • News feed: is the central axis of this application around which you will be able to see the content of your friends, pages, and groups to which you belong.
  • Tagging: By typing the @ and then the username of one or more contacts, you will be able to tag them so that they do not lose sight of something you publish that you consider to be of interest to them. They will see the notification on their home page to see what you posted.
  •  Messenger: is a messaging application within Facebook that allows you to share content with your friends and followers privately, including photos, videos, texts, and voice calls.
  • Groups: you may create your own groups or join those with which you feel identified and share personal interests.
  • Pages: these are public profiles for professionals or companies. They are ideal to promote brands, companies, institutions and celebrities, among others. Instead of friends, you will have followers on your page.
  • Marketplace: this functionality is intended for users to buy and sell or exchange products or services within their local area.
  • Events: You will be able to create and broadcast an event, such as celebrations, conferences, activities, etc., and invite your friends and followers in your profile and specific groups.
  •  Live broadcasting: You will be able to broadcast live from anywhere through your page or your profile with the option to record it so that your followers can watch it later or share it with their community, selecting how long it will be available.
  • Advertising: You will be able to publicize the content you deem convenient by segmenting a specific audience and selecting the amount of days and money you wish to invest.

A good reason to give Facebook a try

You will be able to stay connected anytime, anywhere by receiving instant notifications about the activity of your contacts and followers. You will also be able to access educational and entertainment content.

Facebook offers a friendly digital experience, an intuitive user interface, and lots of entertainment, which is why so many people still choose this app to keep in contact with friends and family.




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  • It's a free app.
  • Easily downloaded from the Play store or Apple Store.
  • Secure for your devices.
  • Algorithm shows you content of your interest.
  • You only have to be of legal age and have an email adress to open an account.
  • Adjustable privacy settings.


  • It can be addictive.
  • Facebook has faced criticism regarding the privacy of its users.
  • Any user can publish erroneous information, and even false news and offensive images.
  • It is one of the most space-consuming apps for mobile devices.
  • It is not available in a few territories.


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