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Clubhouse is an innovative social media platform that made waves for its unique, audio-only format. The app, developed by Alpha Exploration Co. and launched in 2020, offers a refreshing departure from typical social platforms by enabling users to listen to conversations, interviews, and discussions between interesting people on various topics—it's like tuning into a podcast but with an added layer of exclusivity.

The Clubhouse Experience

On Clubhouse, users can join 'rooms' where they can listen to or participate in conversations. These rooms can be related to a wide array of topics, from tech to culture, health, business, and beyond. The app emphasizes live conversation; there are no text posts, images, or videos, and the conversations themselves aren't saved. The focus is purely on voice communication.

Exclusivity and Invitations

Initially, Clubhouse adopted an invite-only model, adding a layer of exclusivity to the app. Each new user would receive two invites to send out, creating a ripple effect of controlled growth. This exclusivity intrigued many, creating a demand for the limited spots available within the app.

Hosts, Speakers, and Listeners

In a Clubhouse room, there are hosts, speakers, and listeners. The hosts create rooms and control who gets to speak. The speakers are the ones who talk and contribute to the conversation. The listeners are silent participants who tune in to hear what others are saying. At any point, listeners can raise a virtual hand to ask to speak, but it's up to the hosts to grant them speaking privileges.

Clubs within Clubhouse

Users can start or join 'Clubs' within Clubhouse. A Club is a group that revolves around a specific topic or interest. Once you create or become a part of a Club, you can start rooms that are immediately open to members of that Club. This feature allows for more focused and recurring discussions.

Impact and Reception

Clubhouse has enjoyed rapid growth and widespread acclaim for its innovative approach to social media. Despite its initial exclusivity, it quickly garnered millions of users, including notable celebrities, industry leaders, and experts in various fields, contributing to the platform's appeal.

In an era of text-based posts and video content, Clubhouse stands out for its focus on voice and conversation. It offers a unique platform for users to connect, learn, debate, and discover through the power of voice, embodying a new direction in the landscape of social media.



  • It is a very interactive app, ideal for meeting new people and networking.
  • A lot of the content is uploaded by experts and professionals.
  • The app presents a new way of interaction, very different to other social media.


  • You can only use the app if you have an invitation.
  • It is harder to get an invitation now that more people is interested on the app.
  • Users can’t be sure if a speaker is a professional on the topic or a complete inexpert.

Club House



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