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Smartphones have evolved into powerful tools for capturing memories, and the right camera app can significantly elevate this experience. Moto Camera, the default camera app for Motorola devices, provides a host of features aimed at enhancing mobile photography. This review will examine Moto Camera's features, user interface, and overall performance.

Intuitive User Interface

Moto Camera sports a clean and user-friendly interface. All the key functions such as shutter button, camera switch, and mode selection are easily accessible. This makes for a smooth experience, enabling users to focus on capturing great shots rather than navigating through complex menus.

Various Shooting Modes

Moto Camera offers a variety of shooting modes, including Photo, Video, Portrait, and Panorama. More advanced modes, such as Pro and Night Vision, give users additional control and versatility. Pro mode allows manual control over settings like ISO, shutter speed, and focus, while Night Vision enhances low-light photography.

AI Features

The app also comes equipped with AI features designed to improve the quality of your photos automatically. These include Auto Smile Capture, which takes a photo when everyone in the frame is smiling, and Smart Composition, which suggests improvements to your photo's framing and cropping.

High-Quality Video Recording

Video recording in Moto Camera supports various resolutions, from standard definition to 4K, depending on the device's capabilities. The app also includes video stabilization to reduce shakiness and improve the overall quality of the video.

Integration with Google Lens

Moto Camera is integrated with Google Lens, an image recognition tool that provides information about the objects in your photos. This can be useful for identifying products, landmarks, and more, right from the camera app.

Spot Color

A unique feature of Moto Camera is Spot Color. This tool allows users to keep a specific color in the photo while turning the rest of the image black and white. This feature can help create striking and artistic shots with minimal effort.

In conclusion, Moto Camera is a comprehensive mobile photography app that combines simplicity and functionality. Its intuitive interface, various shooting modes, and creative features make it an excellent tool for both casual snapshooters and more serious mobile photographers. By using Moto Camera, users can ensure they get the best out of their Motorola device's camera hardware.



  • Compatible with Google Photos.
  • QR and barcodes reader.
  • You can find many advanced features to take your pictures.


  • On some devices, the app doesn’t open.
  • It is not meant for professional photography.
  • Some photos are not high quality.

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